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Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic surgery refers to bone surgery. There are many different situations where bone surgery may be necessary including leg fractures, hip dysplasia, knee and disc injuries. Most orthopedic surgeries can be performed at our clinic as we have a traveling board certified veterinary surgeon available to perform onsite procedures. Occasionally we refer our patients as needed to specialty facilities to perform back surgery and other very complex surgeries.

Anterior cruciate ligament injuries are the most common orthopedic injury presented to our clinic.  Depending on the extent of the injury and the size of the dog, a surgical repair may be warranted.  A procedure called a TPLO is most often done as a technique to “remodel” the knee joint using an orthopedic plate.

Leg fractures are also a common orthopedic injury that usually result from a mishap with an automobile. They can be treated in a variety of ways depending on the location and type of fracture. A cast or splint can be applied to the leg to treat certain fractures; however, many fractures will require surgical intervention. “Plating” is a surgical technique whereby a flat stainless steal ‘plate’ is attached to the bone using screws on either side of the fracture.

“External fixation” is a technique used to stabilize fractures with a series of pins on the outside of the leg that pass through the skin and into the bone on either side of the fracture.

The method of repair will depend on the location and type of fracture present. We hope you do not have to use our orthopedic services for this purpose. In the unfortunate event that you do, you can be assured that we are able to proceed with a treatment that will enhance your pet’s healing time and reduce the long term potential problems associated with a fracture or other orthopedic surgery.