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Jan 30 2015

February is Pet Dental Month

Pets Need Dental Care Too!

During the month of February, we are celebrating “Pet Dental Month” by offering a 10% discount off the cost of a professional dental cleaning.

Does your pet allow you to brush their teeth? Does your pet have bad breath? Are your pet’s teeth yellow or brown? Are their gums red and swollen? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your pet may be in need of immediate dental care.

Dental disease is among the most common diseases in dogs and cats. The prevalence of periodontal disease increases in older pet populations. Therefore, a lifelong dental care plan for dogs and cats is critical to prevent gum disease, painful teeth or tooth loss, or even kidney or heart disease. Prevent advancing dental disease with regular professional oral examinations and consistent home dental care.

Contact us at 651-437-2175 to set up an appointment to evaluate your pet’s dental health and assist in preparing a home care plan for your pet’s individual needs.

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